"Originally, a manís bike, the Sportster dominated racing as well as the hardcore outlaw lifestyle that all modern riding clubs, like HOG are based on!"

The intention behind this site is to publish some technical info, links and chopperstuff here. It will be like a notebook where I publish, in my opinion, interesting stuff on the web instead of locally on one of my PC's. My main interest regardig bikes has since 1968 (as a kid) been choppers which will be reflected on this site, too.
2 of my 5 choppers/projects/basketcases are Ironheads. When this site was "born" I was attempting to buy another one, too. A 1968 XLCH more or less stock Sportster with kickstarter and magneto. A good ol' bikers bike, not a modern push button, smooth shifting, easily rideable Harleys which even my late Grandmas could ride. No, a classic old oildripper where the need of your skill counts more than what your big wallet can fix for you. But, somehow that XLCH slipped away. Maybe you don't like riceburners, but there's a big Harley-crowd out there who doesn't care much for old Ironheads either.
My Evo-chopper is now on the road again, and I'm starting to work on my XLA from 1964, and my newly, very cheap bought, 1973 XLCH needs a total refreshment before it hits the road again. Both are kick-start only. My other bikes - a 74 cid. Panhead and 93 cid. Earlyshovel belongs to my main website. I also take care of my bikerclub's site and another site for our work towards the authorities and legalizing choppers. My first Harley was bought in 1974, and among other previous bikes was a 1976 Sportster which soon were sold, and a 1977 XLCR Cafe Racer, and a basket-case 1971 900.

(Added april 2008: The basketcase XL and the Suzuki lowrider was sold so I could buy a 1970 Ford Econoline van (hauling bike-projects and as bikerclub-van), besides my 2 Plymouth Dusters and the daily-driver Chrysler Neon. Too many things take too much time - but it's way too funny to have...)

No, this is not an american site, and as you might guess, it will be updated - slowly. (Way too slowly ..)

Anyway, here is a page with some Sportster-only links:

And here is a page showing Sportster-owners world-wide Frappr's xllist:

Last update 30. june 2008
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